Friday, May 18, 2012

What is the difference between Synthetic and Organic Fertilizer?

The main difference between Synthetic and the Natural & Organic is how the turf grass absorbs the nutrients. Synthetics require water to break down the fertilizer into nutrients which is then absorbed quickly by the lawn. 

Organic Fertilizers are made up of raw, natural proteins such as bone, blood, fish and feathers. In order to break down these raw materials, it requires microbial decomposition to break down the fertilizer into nutrients. Through a process called "decay cycle," microbes break down complex compounds into forms that plants can absorb. This natural recycling process that takes place enriches the soil. 

Using organic fertilizer in the Durham Region results in a slower, sustained feeding for the lawn as opposed to the quick feed associated with synthetics. This will help improve the soil's structure and it's ability to hold water and nutrients. This in turn creates healthier soil which builds a stronger lawn.

Fertilizing your own lawn is possible. However, hiring landscaping specialists in the GTA like Copper Ridge Property Management can provide your lawn with the proper care.

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