Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lawn Rolling for a Lush and Healthy Look

Lawn rolling can be more damaging if done on a healthy, established lawn. This process of lawn rolling compresses the soil that may prevent good air and moisture flow to the roots. The best time to do lawn rolling in the Durham Region is for newly sodded or seeded lawn.

Before seeding, lawn roll the area in order to even out the soil and then lightly roll the area again after seeding. This lawn rolling technique will allow seeds to establish good contact with the soil. Lawn rolling encourages
even and smooth growth which gives your lawn a lush and healthy look.

For even better results, ask your lawn care company about getting your lawn aerated at least once per season and get them to provide you with an effective natural weed or insect control program. You should also inquire about the benefits of getting your soil tested. A healthy soil helps to create a healthy lawn in any city in the Greater Toronto Area.

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